Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Link-Ups, 13 March 2013

One of my blog resolutions for this year is to get a few columns up and running, and actively source for material to maintain them. SO I am dusting off Day of Discovery, where I posted my favourite internet finds, and re-christening it as Link-Ups. Posts will be up every Wednesday!

x Freelancing intrigues me, while I don't think I will ever be a freelancer nor do I have the skill sets to be one, I like reading about their lives and how they try to balance the freedom of doing what they like and yet make sure ends are meeting. While advice columns such as the ones on Design Love Fest and Nubby Twiglet are great, they pertain to a more American context. What about the locals? With Jean Lu's article The Poetics of Freelancing about creative freelancers in Singapore, I now know a little more. Also, one of my favourite photography blogger Melly is featured!

x Previously you had All The Buildings In New York, Jose Guizar observes a little closer with Windows of New York.

x While I help to manage my company's twitter account, we don't quite have Four Million Followers.

x I think Anna of Door Sixteen's dog is adorable! I love her little ode to Bruno for his 10th birthday!


  1. food looks great! Craving yum cha now XD

  2. Jean really nailed the article :)

    1. I hope she continues producing articles along this lines, she barely scratched the surface I think.


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