Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Parachute Hostel, Taipei 2012

Due to different flight schedules, I had an extra day in Taipei while my three other companions flew home. When I was left alone in our apartment after they had left to catch an early morning flight, I was, frankly, quite terrified at being left alone in a foreign city for the first time. I couldn't get to sleep so I stayed up all night watching tv.

I left Apple House and took a cab to Parachute Hostel & Paper Plane Cafe at Shida Road. Parachute Hostel is run by Pin Zhen and Katie, while Paper Plane Cafe is run by Becky. I was really apprehensive at first on meeting Katie, a dear blog friend, for the first time but from the minute that I stepped into Parachute, we totally hit it off! Besides meeting the ladies who run the place, I also met a bunch of really cool kids, Jafe, Andrew, Eileen, we chatted into the night in the common room. I was really surprised that I could keep up with them in my terrible Mandarin!

At Parachute, I booked a single room to stay for that one night. The furnishings are simple but comfortable. I slept so well that night! Parachute is furnished simply with a lot of heart and sincerity. Katie's photographs are also displayed all over the place. The common room on the third floor is a wide open space where hostelites can gather to chat, exchange stories and play games. One wall of the common room is dedicated to postcards and little notes from the travellers who have passed through this place. I have said it before, I really can't wait to return to Taipei to explore more of this amazing city by day and going home every night to the welcoming arms of Parachute Hostel.

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