Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wulai Falls & the Park in the Clouds, Taipei 2012

Above the Wulai Falls, accessible only by a gondala, there is a little theme park named Yunxian Park (a very rough translation in my spotty Mandarin would be Fairy Clouds Park [?]). Walking into the park, I felt like I was thrown back in time. There is nothing Disney about this little park, and we were one of the only ones around since we visited on a weekday. The creepy atmosphere was enhanced by a looming Chinese temple-style hotel and no park staff to be found anywhere. Needless to say, we didn't stay very long. BUT I think the park is still worth a visit if only you might not be able to find parks like this - faded, rickety and a throwback to simple time - around very much any more. In Singapore, we have a similar place called Haw Par Villa but it's been spruced up in the past few years. It's difficult to be creepy when the paint is so fresh and bright.

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  1. I love the photographs from this set, the colours give off a very nostalgic, peaceful, wanderlustic feel. It doesn't seem creepy to me at all! I think you've caught such a nice side of the park.


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