Monday, July 9, 2012

Spa-rty by Vanity Trove and Masego The Safari Spa, 14 April 2012

Back in April, C invited me to a Spa-rty (how clever) co-organised by Vanity Trove, Masego The Safari Spa, My Spring Fling and Make Up Forever. She thought it would be fun for me to document this event on film! As I was shooting, I was had my doubts whether the film would be ok because the venue was really dark and lit only by safari lamps. Very atmospheric and appropriate for a spa, not so much for photography. I saw all these and yet I decided to pop in a roll of Ferrania Solaris 100 film rather than a higher iso film. I tend to choose my film on gut instinct rather than weighing all the pros and cons. I did have many images that was not usable due to motion and lack of light but I am happy with the ones that came out because I felt they reflected the mood and lighting of the space very nicely.

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