Saturday, March 10, 2012

Klink Handmade

Klink Handmade may be officially located in the CBD but it's set on one of the quieter streets which makes it less CBD, more quaint. The cafe is situated in the historic Clarence Street Police Station building and it has this gigantic window that faces the street and acts as a take-out window. All that natural sunlight complements all the wooden furniture so well.

This was my second coffee of the day so I opted for a ristretto to not overload my system. Such pretty latte art on our cups, even for the little ristretto. I think having pretty latte art really adds to the experience, it makes all coffees taste better.

It's a really tiny space but there are more counter seatings located inside the Gaffa Gallery space. So after you finish your coffee at Klink, take a walk through the gallery. It's makes a nice half hour of wondering through interesting art works.

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