Saturday, March 3, 2012

Coffee, Tea & Me, Redfern

Coffee Tea & Me may be a little cliche to be a name for a cafe, but the cafe itself is anything but. It's housed in a tiny hole in the wall space in Redfern, with just about enough room for the counter girl, two baristas and a line of coffee-needers. An eclectic mix of seats line the perimeters of the wall outside of the cafe, running the gamut from refurbished bicycle seats to plastic cartons to vintage finds to furniture that looked they should be in a kindergarden.

I wish it had been a sunny day so that we would have been able to sit out in the sun in those little school chairs & tables. Instead, we had to huddle beneath the tiny little awning, sipping our coffee and hoping for the rain to stop.

If you are looking for an unpretentious coffee spot, I say, take the walk to Redfern for this little coffee house. It's worth the walk to experience drinking coffee by the sidewalks.

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