Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Darkroom Army x Tara McPherson Sunday


Remember my post a couple of weeks back about the excitement that is the collaboration between Darkroom Army, Peek!, Tara McPherson and the Cotton Candy Machine? Well, the weekend finally happened and what a weekend it was!

I made my way down on Sunday for the first inaugural Darkroom Army Lecture Series with Tara McPherson, after winning a pair of tickets courtesy of Swatch Singapore. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Tara talking about the beginnings of her artistic journey from high school to the present day.  When she mentioned that she majored in Astrophysics for more than a year, I had an instant mental image mash-up of Tara McPherson x The Big Bang Theory. Now, that would be something I would love to see!

And while the lecture was funny, engaging and chock full of useful anecdotes for young artists, I couldn't help but notice the light streaming through the hair of the person in front of me. I think I have hair envy.

After the talk ended, we flooded the Cotton Candy Machine Pop-Up Store. I bought a trio of postcards to remember this event by, and got it signed by Tara herself. I am not lying when I say felt a little fangirl thrill down my spine when I was watching Tara sign them.

Even though that crazy weekend is a memory and Tara has left the country, you can still experience a bit of the magic at the brand spanking new Darkroom Army Gallery Store above Peek! 

Thank you, Feveravenue, Darkroom Army and Peek! for giving me a heads-up about this major event. It was truly awesome!

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