Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Before 25: Try 120mm Film + Go For A Photography Workshop


It's been almost two years since I started using film, and throughout this time I studiously avoided the medium format film and cameras. 120mm film was more expensive to buy and develop, making it hard to justify buying a medium format camera and then not using it regularly. But that didn't mean I wasn't curious about it. My original plan was to borrow my friend's Diana F+ but when I saw that Lomography Singapore was holding Diana F+ workshops, I immediately signed up. To make the deal a little bit sweeter, Sasha, a new friend I had met through the LoBlography challenge, would be conducting it! (Psst, the girl in black you see in the picture below, that's Sasha!)

(LC-A+, Agfa CT Precisa)

We began with quick introductions all around, it was motley crew of all ages which I found heartening because it's never too late to start Lomography! Sasha and Hakimbo (our esteemed Lomography Singapore store manager) then took us through a presentation about the Diana F+ and its functions. I am really glad that I attended this workshop because learning to load the 120mm is HARD. The learning curve for that is really steep and as the girl who destroyed 3 rolls trying to load 35mm, way back in the day, I am afraid to imagine how many rolls of 120mm I would have destroyed trying to do it on my own.

Sasha then taught us one of her signature lomographic tricks, strobe lighting and multiple exposures. I think I look really constipated in my first attempt but really, I was just self-conscious.

After the excitement of strobe lighting and choosing colour gel filters for our cameras, we were let loose on the population of Ann Siang Hill. As we stepped out, we bumped into this adorable little boy who was super curious about all the colourful Diana F+s we were holding in our hands. Of course, he had never heard of film before. I hope when he grows older, he remembers this little encounter and discovers the wonders of film for himself.

We shot on the 12 full frames option. And while I tried to be as selective as possible, I lost a couple of shots from leaving my camera on Bulb mode (when will you learn!). At least I corrected myself before the roll ran out and took a few photographs that I am really pleased with.

I can see why the Diana F+ is such a popular camera, the photographs are dreamy yet sharp. I would dearly love to own one of them one day (although I fear it may be more of a decorative item than a camera, which is why I have my eye on the Urban Outfitters Diana F+ Dreamer clone). Someday...

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