Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hey Australia.

Almost two months since I left for my Australian holiday and I am finally ready to start sharing the photographs from it. That's procrastination for you.

So the days before I left, I had a humongous event at work and I was working late every night to pull it off. I barely had any time to pack until the morning of my flight. To add to all that craziness, Qantas went on strike earlier in the week too. You can imagine how worried we were about whether we would be affected by the aftermaths of the strikes. I was expecting the flight to terrible but to my surprise, it was one of the best flying experience I have ever had. The in-flight service was impeccable, food was served constantly and at appropriate times and the entertainment system was excellent. There were so many good shows to watch that we barely slept.

We arrived in Brisbane early in the morning, and had a couple of hours to spare before our connecting flight to Sydney. Right off the bat, we were taken with the expanse of the sky, as far as the eye can see. Dorothy, we are not in Asia anymore.

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