Friday, January 6, 2012

First stop. Balmoral Beach.

Weeks before landing in Sydney, I had endless Whatsapp conversations with my friend L, who is currently working in a Sydney suburb, on the things that I had to do while I was there. I was happy to go to all sorts of places but the one thing I was adamant on was eating fish & chips out of a paper bag at the beach!

After picking us up from the airport and accompanying us to check-in at our hostel, L drove us over the Sydney Harbour Bridge and onto Balmoral Beach for what she deemed the best fish & chips in Sydney. We arrived at the little beach kiosk just in time for last order and we ordered sets of fish & chips and scallop & chips. Everything was fried to perfection and we happily chomped on them as we walked around the broadwalks surrounding the swimming bay. The portions were so ridiculously large and well worth the 14AUD we paid for each set.

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