Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Cameras & Films Round-Up

Earlier this week, I started brainstorming for ideas for some end of year round up posts. As I was clicking through my photo files, I thought it would be interesting to take stock of the total amount of films I have shot this year and how they break down into different categories. It took one afternoon of calculations but here's the results!

Total No. of Films Used 

Although I have been shooting film exclusively this year, finding out that I have used 92 rolls was still quite a shock. 92 translates to 7.7 rolls per month or 1.76 rolls per week!

Most Used Cameras
1. Canon EOS 88 - 74
2. Fisheye 2 - 8
3. La Sardina - 4
4. Holga 135BC - 4
5. LC-A+ - 2

No surprises here that my Canon EOS 88 slr came out supreme. It has been a complete trooper and I think I have really improved in terms of composition and framing since I started using it. As for lomography/toy cameras, I expect that the LC-A+ will raise up through the ranks next year to give the Fisheye a good fight!

Top 3 Negative Films Used
1. Ferrania Solaris 100 - 12
2. Ferrania Solaris 400 - 8
3. Ferrania Solaris 800 - 7

Again, no surprises here, you must know by now that I have a love affair with Solaris films.

Top 3 Slide Films Used
1. Lomography Chrome 100 - 6
2. Fuji Velvia 50 - 5
3. Lomography Xpro 200 - 4

It was love at first sight for the new Lomography Chrome film when it was first introduced earlier this year. Almost every order I have placed on Lomography have at least one box of Chrome to ensure that I always have a supply of this lovely film. The Fuji Velvia 50 is also a recent favourite of mine, I love its elegant green tones when cross processed and just lately, I processed it correctly (E6) and am head over heels in love with the rich colour tones produced.

No. of Film Types Tried
17 Negatives
12 Slides
5 B/W
1 Redscale

It's been fun trying out so many different film types. It may seem like I have tried quite a few but there's still so many out there and I am looking forward to experimenting more next year and finding new favourites!

Cameras Purchased
1 LC-A+

I saved up the entire year for the LC-A+, both piggies and real dollars! It's been a real learning experience with this camera and I can't wait to use it to document 2012!

So that is how it all shakes down. I think it will be even more interesting next year when I can do a year-to-year comparison and see what things has changed or has remained the same. I have two, maybe three more end of 2011 posts planned so look out for them!

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