Thursday, October 20, 2011

room lights

with the loblography challenge over, it's back to blogging about my quick trip to bali. i am going to have to post them up fairly rapidly because i am going to be leaving for australia in two weeks! two weeks!

it totally snuck up on me! i have barely begun to prepare for the trip, packing list, cameras + film and itinerary. and to make things even more complicated, the next 15 days will be one of the busiest period at work. i will be helming an event just before the day i depart. how i am going to prepare for the trip is beyond me at the moment. i can already see myself madly throwing clothes into my bag. oh no, i just remember i have to fit in a trip to the currency exchange too! *groans.

maybe it's good that i am blogging about bali, just going through these photos calms me down. i shot the first two photographs while waiting for my turn to shower and get ready for the wedding. that ray of light was just too perfect for words.

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