Wednesday, September 7, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

playing the cards version of game of life

websites so full of wonder

braid creative & consulting, kathleen's new business. i must say, they have a wonderful website going and i love how willing kathleen & tara are in sharing their knowledge, i am looking forward to watching more of their branding adventures videos and learning about small-business branding from them.

dear coffee, i love you, i have been totally addicted to this blog the last couple of days. to and fro work, i have scrolled through the blog's entire 2011 archives and have moved on to the 2010 entries.

picture posts

along those lines, a set of photographs from the flickr blog

room tour from i just might explode, i dream of a room like hers, perhaps one day i will muster the energy to do something similar. one day...

august break day 29 from i art you, will i be really strange in your eyes if i say that i really like the first picture of all the dirty cups?

have a wonderful wednesday!
x michelle

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