Tuesday, September 6, 2011

namsan tower

namsan tower is undoubtedly one of the iconic landmarks of seoul. we were lucky that the day we went up the tower, the day was pretty clear (it began to rain later). namsan tower is pretty fun, you not only get to view seoul from the highest tower in the city, there's also a teddy museum and this open viewing deck where couples lock their love (will explain more about this later in another post!).

you have to pay a little extra to go all the way up to the tower and being total tourists, we shelled out the extra dollar to go up. i love that they labelled the windows which point towards other great cities and including the distance between seoul and that city. such an amazing spot to dream of faraway places. and i particularly love that my next travel destination is in one of the two "window" photographs. guess which one? :)

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