Friday, July 8, 2011

sculptures hiding within the forest

within seoul forest, sculptures dotted the landscape. the wire mesh man is actually an disabled-friendly playground but i think it looks really amazing, hidden among the trees. man and nature in unity.


dashing this off...this is one of those super crazy weekends where my schedule is jam packed to the max! yesterday, i had my regular mani/pedi date with a girlfriend at our usual shop, i got opi charmed by a snake for my fingers and opi my private jet for my toes. i was on a bit of a glittery kick after seeing a colleague's multi-colour sparkled nails. after our mani/pedi, we went off for a bit of street shopping where our mission was for her to buy a bag but in the end it was me who ended up with big clutch (inspired by ourcitylights using her laptop bag as a clutch) in a lovely lovely tan colour. as for my friend, she did get some clothes so we kind of evened out.

today, i am going to go back to university for a friend's graduation. it should be pretty fun to relieve the graduation ceremony all over again. i still think that graduation day was one of the absolute best day of my life. after the ceremony, i am going to go start my new weekend part-time job at a little cafe whose philosophy i really believed in. i tweeted about this and i really must thank everyone who gave me their thoughts about it. i am going to go ahead with this new adventure and learn everything i can from it. i will probably be incredibly tired, working almost 7 days a week but i really believe that this is an experience that will contribute something to my life. wish me luck!

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