Friday, June 10, 2011

NANTA & Jeongdong Street

if you ever go to seoul, please please please go watch the NANTA Cookin' show, it is the neatest show i  have ever seen! the whole storyline is told just by the actions and movement of the cast, it just goes to show that body language is the most universal of language. i am so pleased that the shots came out so well, the second shot was snuck in the darkness of the theatre, i couldn't even see my own hands when i took this shot. i just clicked and hoped for the best!

after the show, we turned left on the streets and walked right into one of the most historical streets of seoul, jeongdong street. i am really surprised that not more tourists were there to appreciate the history behind this quiet street. for more on jeongdong street, read my locations article for lomography!

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