Sunday, June 12, 2011

food randoms, from day three

01. deux creme tarts seoul. so delicious
02. tarts, goguma (sweet potato) latte, green tea latte
03. pork bbq, one of my favourite-est food in the world
04. all cooked up, and some kimchi jigae (kimchi stew)
05. the pork bbq restaurant. gosh, i love this place, we went back twice.

. . . . .

for most parts of the world, summer is here! it's hotter than usual in singapore and the days are a little longer too, i use everything possible to give myself the excuse that we have seasons here in the tropics too. don't poke my dream bubble!

since i have been sharing so much of korea, i thought i would share my current favourite korean summer tune "starlight moonlight" by girl group Secret. it's such a cute song to have in your head all day. shooby-du-pa-pa-pa!

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