Thursday, May 26, 2011


otherwise the site formerly known as michelle march. thank you so much for following me over to this new domain space. it's slightly nervy starting all over from scratch again but i hope that it will all be worth it.

today, i need to thank dane of tornadoes&tiger. a while ago, dane ran a domain name giveaway for a one-year domain name subscription. i entered and waited for the results crossing my fingers. then, one night as i was laying on my bunk bed in seoul, i had an email from dane who wrote that he was giving me a domain name! i was so happy-shocked! i was getting my own domain name for the year but...the domain name i had chosen had already been taken up and would i like to choose another one. it took me awhile before i decided on greenteafields and i am not sure why i took so long. greenteafields is already the name of my tumblr so that cuts down on one step of social media consistency. i can be really dense sometimes. speaking of consistency, i have applied for a new email for this blog so if you wish to contact me, please email me i will be switching my twitter name a few days later so that everyone has some time to get used to the new name.

well, here's to a brand new start. i am so looking forward to sharing all my latest photographs with you all! :)

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