Saturday, March 19, 2011

in every little way


when the tragedy in japan first struck, i was somewhat apathetic towards the tragedy that was unfolding. i barely read the news reports. then the nuclear reactor blew up. from then on, i started reading the news with mixed feelings of morbid fascination, horror and grief for the japanese people. on the way to and fro work, during lunch hours and even in the office, i was glued to the news websites as reports came in constantly about updates of the troubled nuclear plant in Fukushima.

singapore is a very lucky little island. we are situated nowhere near earthquake zones and we are buffeted by our neighbours from tsunamis. never in a million years will i be able to understand what the japanese are going through. but i don't think i need to understand to be able to give. to do my part and to help raise the awareness and encourage the flow of gifts to japan, i am compiling some links of worthy causes, sales of items for donations and raffles that is floating around the online blogging community. i am also putting together some other links of newspaper articles and photojournalism articles that i have come across that i will hope will keep everyone informed. 

it's all i can do but i am sure with everyone's little efforts combined, we will have contributed something significant to help out our friends in japan. i know that, without a doubt, japan will rise again from the ashes. 

because history says so.


news + photojournalism

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