Thursday, March 24, 2011

fisheye friends

have you heard? lomography is giving away a million piggie points! everyday, there is a new challenge and anyone who completes the challenge gets 5 piggie points. easy peasy piggy wiggy! out of the three challenges so far, my favourite was to create the three lomowalls! this is my fisheye friends lomowall, created from all the fisheye shots i took during the end of year party season and chinese new year! happiness and friendships all rolled up into one! this wall is love love love!


  1. Do you have a flash for the fisheye? How's the trip planning going?

  2. yep. it's in-built for both fisheye 1 and fisheye 2. but the fisheye 2 has an external hotshoe which i use sometimes for colour flash.

    trip planning going good. in fact, taking over all minutes of life outside of work :)


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