Sunday, February 20, 2011

say hello to my cameras

inspired by rhianne's post about her amazing camera collection and a twitter convo we had, i decided to document my camera collection as well.

01. all of my cameras
02. lomography fisheye 2, holga 135bc
03. fuji instax mini 7s, powershovel golden half
the holga 135bc was my first camera that i bought in april last year to bring along for my grad trip. after that i added the golden half, fisheye 2 and fuji instax mini 7s to the collection. go here to read about how i acquired the fisheye and here for the golden half's story.

04. pentax espio 140m, twinway star panorama
my mum found the pentax espio 140m after spring cleaning recently. i need to find a compatible battery for it to check if it's working. also, there's a roll of film still in it which makes me really excited to find out what did we last use the camera for! the twinway star panorama was picked up for $3 at a thrift store. it's able to take both normal and panoramic pictures. i have tested it once and it takes pretty decent panoramic pictures. good bargain!

05. nikon fm, canon canonet 28
the nikon fm was my father's who handed it down to me after he discovered i was into film photography. unfortunately, the shutter malfunctioned on the second roll i ran through it. it has to go to the hospital soon :( the canon canonet 28 was given to me by a friend's mum. it has a cloudy viewfinder so i will have to send that for a check too. otherwise, everything seems to be in order.

so that's all the cameras i currently have! currently being the important word in that sentence. i am sure i will add to this little collection before long. but at least not in the next six months. i imposed a six-month camera no buy on myself because i haven't had enough chance to learn my way around all these cameras. also i need to save some money! :)

do post up your camera collection, nothing more i love more than ogling at cameras! :)


  1. Nice! Do you have any photos to show from that panorama camera?

  2. Awesome. I love the Nikon. I hope you're able to have it repaired.

    I will post mine today!

  3. camera porn! amazing collection

  4. Awesome. I love the Nikon. I hope you're able to have it repaired.

    I will post mine today!


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