Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[cambodia 2010] bantaey srei, in redscale

cambodia travel diary day 2
after trekking all over angkor wat, we went back to the van and headed up north to another temple called Banteay Srei or Citadel of Women. i adore Banteay Srei and i imagine it's the perfect little temple for female deities to flit about. if you want to read more about Banteay Srei, go check out my lomo-locations article on lomography! (so excited to finally submit and publish an article!)

oh and remember this post when i mentioned that the fisheye is a little light sucker? it was really sunny by this time so i used the lomography xr redscale film, hoping for the red-gold and yellow tones that the film produces on low iso. but as you can see, i got the heavy red tones produced at the higher iso, which means there wasn't enough light to expose the film to achieve the lighter tones. some of the images are also rather grainy, another sign that the image is underexposed. i need more light than usual to achieve a smoother grain and the lighter redscale tones i was after with a fisheye.

(p/s: i hope i managed to explain myself coherently. i always worry about whether i am clear enough in my writing. pp/s: the last three photos give me a headache.)

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