Thursday, January 6, 2011

my bedroom's treasures

i am getting started on the first item on my list of 20 things to do in 2011, tidying up my room! for the past few years that i have been at college, my room was in shambles. the excuse i gave myself was i was never at home enough to warrant a total room revamp. but now that i am back home, it's time to do something drastic. i finally got my shelves and my bureau after months and months of waiting for the shipments. after finally getting them delivered and installed, i have been sorting out all my stuff and i found some things that i haven't seen in a really long time. 1. a velvet satchel i made for home economics class. i did quite a few cross stitch when i was younger. my mum is an avid cross-stitcher and she has several framed up pieces she did when she was pregnant with me and my brother. 2. steps' steptacular album. this was the first album i bought, i was a big steps fan when i was a kid. 5, 6, 7, 8! 3. a cheapie 2001 compilation of the best hits of the year. it scares me slightly that we are in 2011 now. 4. my favourite classic movies. i adore gene kelly! i think i am going to have pop one of these into my computer this weekend. 5. and some more contemporary favourites. the top right is waterboys, a japanese movie about a boys synchronised swimming team. i loved it!  this is just the tip of the iceberg of the mess in my room, i will share more as i unearth more stuff. i have come across so many memories that i had forgotten, i kept going ooh and ahh as i was packing, stopping to flip through my old diaries and notebooks. packing may be annoying sometimes because i keep sneezing at the dust but it's been so fun stepping back into the past and doing a little remembering.

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