Wednesday, January 5, 2011


HELLO 2011 ;)

today's the fifth day of the new decade, how's everyone doing so far? i apologise for the blogging slump for the last two weeks, i had to wait a bit to develop my film so there wasn't anything really interesting for me to talk about. but that's about to change! i am going to collect my film tomorrow and so there's going to be lots of stuff to share.

while i may not have been blogging, i have certainly been reading and keeping up with all my favourite blogs. after reading amanda's (of here comes the sun) list of 20 things to do in 2011, i jotted down my own list

1. tidy up my room

2. decorate my room

3. use up my bath&body + makeup stash

4. purge my makeup collection

5. buy a bicycle

6. exercise two days a week | not every week but i do try

7. photograph my grandparents' home

8. wear more grown-up clothes | nope, still in jeans & tees

9. continue my korean language classes | i completed level 2

10. wake up earlier, to get to work earlier and have more time on the weekends

11. save up more

12. try the 120mm film format

13. buy an olympus trip 35 | still no luck on ebay :(

14. submit an article to | submitted 13 articles!

15. bring my nikon fm camera for repairs | brought it in and it's still there

16. participate in photography projects | participated in rhianne's film swap and the singapore loblography challenge

17. get to know more people in my local lomography community | definitely did!

18. read jane austen's emma + sense & sensibility, and the chronicles of narnia

19. watch the Lion King musical

20. experience the beauty of spring flowers and autumn leaves | autumn leaves will have to wait till next year.

(updated oct 2011)

if you have your own list, do share, i would love to read and get inspiration for more things that i need to do in future!

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