Friday, September 3, 2010

Holga 135BC 10: Grad Trippin' in South Korea

Hurrah! It's the weekend! :)) What's everybody's plans?

I am going to have a girly lunch tomorrow, and after lunch, we are going to head out en masse to the Ben & Jerry's ChunkFest! ICE CREEAAMM!

I am falling miserably in uploading all my rolls! So get ready for quite a few entries this weekend because I  am going to target uploading to my 15th roll! Best to aim high, right?

Camera: Holga 135BC

Film: Agfa HDC Plus

This is a rather odd film, no? I ran out of the rolls that I brought to Korea midway through the trip. Silly me thought that I would need two days to finish a roll. Luckily in Busan, I noticed this little, obscure camera shop. I went in and found a treasure trove of old, expired films! I bought this Agfa, a Konica Centuria and some Kodak slide films. The owner was so odd, she kept trying to dissuade me from buying the films. I would have thought she would have been happy to find a buyer for all her old stuff. But anyway, I really like this film because it's like the opposite of slide films. Soft, pale colours that gives the images a very dream-like quality. I have only one more roll for this film. Going to preserve it for a special occasion!

I changed my film midway through my visit to Gyeongbokgung and then used it all way through our afternoon at the Han River. I love all the shots at the river, it was a slightly colder and hazier day and this film made the haze into a beautiful, dreamy mist.

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