Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hop Inn, Hong Kong 2013

Finding a place to stay in Hong Kong can be difficult for the young but not so affluent traveller. When travelling, I like to find a place that's a combination of affordable, comfortable, clean and pretty. It took awhile to find that place in Hong Kong but I finally found it in Hop Inn. Located in two locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, each room in Hop Inn is individually designed by a local artist or illustrator. No two rooms are the same! The rooms are small (as are most rooms in HK) but cozy and comfortable. Very important as we spent quite a bit of time lazing around our beds, catching up on long-neglected videos and social media. 

We stayed at the location in Carnavon, located on the highest floor of the building, high above the bustle of TST. There is so much personality at Hop Inn, the walls are signed by every one who has passed through, there are little touches of flora, fauna and recycling, and the corridors are endlessly sunny during the day. Not to mention how special each room is, I was lucky enough one day to still be in the hostel as the cleaning lady was going around her rounds of cleaning checked-out rooms and she allowed me to go in to the two rooms she had finished. Very cool rooms they were, I wish I could have gone into the rest. And ironically I don't even have photographs of our own room.

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