Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong 2013

The Coffee Academics is an intimidating place to step in, not helped by the name, the multiple references to coffee everywhere, the slightly gothic decor and the extensive collection of coffee brewing equipment at the coffee bar. We went in after our dinner at Cafe Corridor to top off our stomachs with (more) coffee and sweets. We got a patio seat which we highly recommended for people-watching and a cool evening breeze.

Desserts were kept simple with a honey strawberry tart (yums!) but decided to go experimental with our coffee with an espresso con panna, a macchiato and a piccolo latte. My espresso con panna was an eye-opening experience, to be honest, I wasn't even sure how to drink it! Do I mix the whipped cream into the espresso or do I just sip the different layers straight from the cup? I did both, if you were wondering.

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