Monday, January 27, 2014

Disneyland Part 1, Hong Kong 2013

I love Disneyland! I mean, who doesn't? Troubles and worries are left at the gates and you enter a "happy place" of magic, wonder and the impossible. As a kid, I was incredibly lucky to have visited Disneyland twice and Walt Disney World once. We missed out on Tokyo because according to my Dad "it's the same as Anaheim". I, of course, beg to differ and I am now on a mission to conquer the Asian Disneys - Tokyo and (the soon to come) Shanghai I am looking at you!

Hong Kong Disneyland is located at Lantau Island and is conveniently connected by an MTR station to Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, with its own pink line from Sunny Bay to Disneyland. Disney takes advantage of this and uses the journey to begin immersing you into the magic with a Disney-themed train. Trust the Imagineers to install Mickey Mouse cut-out shapes for windows and safety hand-rails! There were also statues of various Disney characters scattered all over the carriage, Pluto says howdy!

Alighting from the station, there was still quite a bit of a distance to walk before you reach the main gates. I have heard that this is due to fengshui to ensure the prosperity and success of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Traveller's tips: Before you leave your ho(s)tel, check if they sell Disneyland tickets. We bought ours through our hostel and they were a few bucks cheaper and saved us a few minutes of queueing at the ticket counters. Every minute saved is one more minute of Disney magic!

The holiday decorations have started to come up! While I love Disneyland during the holidays, I would love to see it dressed up in another season, like Halloween!

By the way, does anyone else do this too? Ever since I read that the Disney Imagineers use a technique called "forced perspective" to design the Main Street buildings (and almost every other building in the park) to appear taller than they really are, I have been craning my neck up to see if I can spot how the illusion works. To this day, I am no wiser.

As we walked down Main Street, we encountered the Hong Kong Disneyland Band! To be honest, if I were a kid, I couldn't have cared less and would have run off immediately to a roller-coaster. But now that I am older and a little wiser, I am really starting to appreciate these little Disney touches. It's the details that make the experience that much more magical.

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