Saturday, January 11, 2014

Café Bistro The Alchemist, Hong Kong 2013

When we were planning for Hong Kong, we organised what we wanted to see by area, planning to spend every day in a new area, slowly discovering them and more. After the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, we walked a few steps to Cafe Bistro The Alchemist. And by a few steps, I meant we took the train from Sham Shui Po to Prince Edward, walked to the cafe only to realise it was only about 100m from Tim Ho Wan.

A cafe for travellers, C and I immediately felt welcomed into this space. We also felt that there was a very Taiwanese feel to the decor. Loved the mis-matched chairs, cement wall and fixtures, travel books and inspirational Mandarin quotes on the wall.

Still stuffed from Tim Ho Wan, we went for some coffee and desserts. Our waffles were awesome, why did no one else think to combine green tea ice cream, chocolate fudge and strawberries? And f the horde of people that descended on the cafe for lunch are anything to go by, the rest of the food must be pretty good too!

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