Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Small & Able

One of the regular reads on my long list of blogs is HEY KUMO. A blog run by a duo of young Singaporeans, who in their own words 'write, eat good food, make things, sell things, daydream, come up with horribly long travel guides, take many photos'. A pretty good life motto, don't you think?

When they began popping up at the local markets, I made it a point to visit their store every few months to buy their goods. And when I heard they were taking the plunge and following their dreams to set up a physical shop, I eagerly followed their instagram feeds for news. (Is it just me who loves behind-the-scenes stuff?)

When they finally opened the space. I was immediately there on their opening weekend with my camera! I know, how much more of a stalker can you get, right? But hey, you could just turn the coin and call me an ardent supporter. While the space was still a little bare, as most shops are at the beginning, I managed to bag a few little things for myself. Is that even surprising? :)

All the best to you, Siew and Sarah, may Small & Able prosper for a long, long time!

Small & Able is located at 3 Coleman Street, Peninsular Shopping Centnre, #03-22.

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