Thursday, August 1, 2013

To Market To Market

We have a small but burgeoning craft market scene in Singapore. It's difficult to go a month without having one organised by various outfits. While the markets are on the small side, there are always new vendors to discover, encourage and support. It's been so heartening to see some market stalls grow into actual, physical spaces like Small & Able (by HEY KUMO).

Today, I learned of a new market called BOLD: Bazaar of Learning Designers that will be staged from 20-21 August 2013 at the School of Design and Environment at the National University of Singapore. I had a quick peek at the Facebook page and I am intrigued! I am looking forward to steal a few moments off work and head out to campus for this.


  1. These are great! Public Garden is definitely on my to-go list and BOLD looks cool. We have tons of these in Taipei (Taiwan, actually) but there is a little difficulty in showcasing variety. If I went too often I'd be looking at the same things over and over again!

  2. Hi Katie, we have that problem too. There are always the stalwarts (of course, often with new productions) at the various markets but at least there are new ones too. I usually visit every two or three months so I don't get shoppers' fatique!


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