Monday, April 29, 2013

Just A Minute, April 2013

Watching | Doctor Who, Series 7 Part 2. I wait for it eagerly through the week and when the episode finally drops, I sometimes get too terrified to watch it. Like with Hide, it was so fantastically creepy I had to stop watching at night and begin again the next day day in bright daylight!

Reading | Kristan Higgins. I recently discovered this author and am digging into her catalogue of books. I love rom-coms!

Listening | To teenage Korean music sensations Akdong Musician and 15&.

Enjoying | My new shopping haul from Public Garden and Gap.

Trying | To drink a cup of lemon water every morning & evening.


  1. i just found your blog and i'm enjoying it much :)

    p.s i drink a cup of lemom water every morning and can't recommend it more,it cleans up your belly and prepares you for breakfast!

    1. hello, welcome and thank you! yay, a lemon water fan. it's only been a few days for me but i feel the bad things are being pushed out the lemon, feels great and i am going to keep at it!


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