Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Link-Ups, 27 March 2013

3 more days to Bali! To celebrate, this week's edition of Link-Ups will be travel themed!

x Europe | Civilization: The Rise of Europe by Dominic Boudreault. (via Double Takes)

x Tuscany | Listen to the Heart of Tuscany by Gunther Machu (via Double Takes)

x Brisbane | Gary Pepper Girl visits the Great Barrier Reef.

x Tokyo | HEY KUMO just made travelling to Tokyo a little easier by writing A Guide to a First Tokyo Trip.

x Cuba | Mr and Mrs Globetrot recap their trip to Cuba! I never thought Cuba would be so beautiful. The happy couple is currently on another trip to ethereal Iceland. I am really enjoying their instagram feeds at the moment. Here's Yuriy's and here's Julia's.


  1. Ohhh I love finding new things, thank you for sharing these. Also I need that blogging cup :)

    1. Your welcome! The cup's really cute right? I should have bought it. Haha!


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