Friday, March 22, 2013

Around Fremantle 01, Perth 2013

Perth Journal, Day 02

We woke up refreshed from an early night to explore our temporary home, Fremantle. Being the weekend, our top priority was to visit the Fremantle Markets. Predictably, we got lost. But getting lost had its rewards because we stumbled across Hush Espresso Bar. I promptly stepped in to remind myself of the awesomeness that is Australian coffee.

A few steps more, we finally managed to find the Fremantle Markets. While the selection of stalls were eclectic, ranging from fresh produce, coffee beans, paella (check out that humongous pan!), sushi, candles, home decorations, I expected the markets to be bigger, somewhere along the scale of the Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne. I wish we could also have sat down at one of the small eateries for a meal, there was a little Japanese ramen stall that were bursting from the seams of ramen-slurping people. It must have been pretty good.

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