Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tagged! My Favourite Things 2012

The lovely Rhianne has tagged me to do My Favourite Things of 2012. Here they are!

Favourite Make-Up
Blush. My routine is simple and consists of foundation (or BB cream), blush and a little eyeliner. Of these three, I love using blushes the most. I love how different colours can instantly change up your look. Also, they make me look a little more alive and a little less sleepy. My favourite blush is the MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush.

Favourite Book
Unnaturally Green. I love musicals and this book provided a great insight into the world of musicals that no amount of behind the scenes youtube clips can provide.

Favourite Album
Wicked (Original Broadway Cast Recording). Defying graaaaavityyyyyy.

One Thing I'm Grateful For
My Health. After getting chicken pox and conjunctivitis almost back to back, I am very grateful to have stayed fairly healthy throughout the rest of the year. There was that little bout of insomnia and acidic stomach but I am none the worse for wear. I credit daily cups of orange juice for keeping me going.

Greatest Challenge
Balance. I am currently striving towards a better work-life balance. It's been a little tough-going but this is going to be long journey.

What I am looking forward to in 2013
Travelling! I am already on track for Perth (one more day!) and Bali. There's also talk and discussions of Taipei and Beijing!

Thank you for tagging me Rhianne. If you have yet to to be tagged, consider this your invitation to play along! :)

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