Sunday, February 17, 2013

Legoland Malaysia, 2012

One weekend last October, my friends and I took a weekend day trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia to visit the newest Legoland theme park. The theme park was designed for kids so if you go in there thinking it's the next Disneyland or Universal Studios, you will be disappointed. Lower your expectations and you might have an enjoyable time marvelling at the Lego structures and whooping it up along with the kids on the (rather tame) rides. I have to say though, the Malaysian theme park seems not quite ready, and needs more time to be developed fully. I visited Legoland San Diego in 2007 and I have excellent memories of that place. The rides had more variety, took into account older visitors, and the park design really immerses you into the world of Lego.

// Camera & Film
Instead of toting my SLR across the Causeway, which entails having to go up and down buses to pass through Singapore and Malaysia immigration, I decided to go with a lighter camera that day. For a change, I decided on the La Sardina instead of the LC-A+ and paired it with the new Lomography Sunset Strip 100 film. I have mixed feelings about this new film. While I enjoy the colour tint of the film, I am not wild about the grain. It reminds me of the Lomography XPRO 200. I will have to try it out in the SLR and see how I feel about it.


  1. Legoland!! I'm so jealous. The giraffes look so cool :)

    1. They were rather amazing, there were even some lego sculptures that could move!


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