Monday, January 28, 2013

Just A Minute, January 2013

It crept up on me today that we are into the last days of January. It has been a long, busy and satisfying month full of work, play and plans. But I am glad to leave it behind to move on to other things.

I am very excited for February. Instead of celebrating Chinese New Year at home with family, I am escaping to the sunshines of Perth, Australia with my Dad and my younger brother. Unfortunately, Mum couldn't get away from work but we will still be having our traditional steamboat Reunion Dinner (think of it as a Chinese version of Thanksgiving Dinner) the day before our flight. We are going to be staying in Fremantle for our trip where I found a really cute apartment. I am in the midst of planning our itinerary, if anyone has any Perth/Fremantle tips, please toss them my way!

Watching | Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 - which I just found got cancelled a few days ago :(
Reading | Australia guidebooks
Listening | Franki Valli & The Four Seasons (via the Jersey Boys OST)
Enjoying | A rare Monday off from work
Trying | To re-start my weekly gym routine


  1. this year's CNY is slightly longer (yay, long weekend!)so everyone seems to be heading for a faraway rest. have a good time in sunny Perth! all I know is that there's good food waiting there, and oh, love what you're listening to now ;)

    1. i am so looking forward to it even though i am slighly apprehensive about 40deg weather. been stocking up on the sunblock! have a great cny!


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