Thursday, September 13, 2012

Friends, Taipei 2012

When I made plans to stay at Parachute Hostel for my last day in Taipei, it was to meet my blogosphere friend Katie from the very pretty blog Curating Cuteness, one of the earliest online friendships I made through this blog. I still remember how we bonded on twitter over starting beginner Korean language lessons at roughly the same time in 2010! Little did I know, by staying at Parachute, I not only cemented one friendship, I met 6 other incredible individuals. My fellow hostelites in the first picture who I bonded with instantly, in just one night of conversations, and the ladies who run Parachute Hostel & Paper Plane Cafe 紙飛機咖啡, Ping Zhen, Becky and Katie!

I honestly cannot wait to go back to Taipei and to stay at Parachute again. One night wasn't enough.

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