Monday, March 19, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

The nature of film photography means that to post about something that happened, it usually happened quite awhile ago because we have to wait for our rolls to accumulate, to be sent for processing and perhaps scanning. When this process is combined with my procrastinating nature, it means some photographs have to wait a really long time to see the light of day on this blog. So this is how it is with my snaps from Chinese New Year, a holiday that happened two months ago.

We had our traditional feasts of yusheng (a salad of sorts), popiah (wraps) and steamboat (hot pot). My extended family gathered at my house on the first day. We visited the temple and an exhibition of the Jade Buddha to pray for good luck and prosperity in the new year. On the second day, we visited another temple and visited with my mum's aunt who lives nearby. Chinese New Year follows the same routine in my family every year, it's kind of comforting that way.

All photographs by the LC-A+. I love how they turned out! More photographs from there soon. (Like maybe, this week!)

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