Monday, February 20, 2012

This Past Weekend

(Mary Poppins, Capitol Theatre, Sydney)

I have been having a terrible run of health lately. I was struck by the chicken pox in December, stuck at home for two weeks. And then, on the last day of January, I caught viral conjunctivitis from one of my interns. I was, once again, stuck at home for the first two weeks of February. It was a pretty bad time because my corneas was affected and I could barely see.

I finally went back to work this past Monday and was immediately thrown into the thick of a new project. I was so glad when I got home on Friday at 11pm and could finally just relax.

But all terrible things come to an end and that's where the good things happen. And this weekend was all sorts of good.

- Good hearty dinner with my best friends
- Travel possibilities were discussed and we have a plan
- Received a phone call from Swatch Singapore informing me that I won the Swatch Kidrobot Darkroom Army contest I had joined on a whim! The prize: two tickets to Tara McPherson's lecture and a $100 goodie bag from Peek!

- Attended Tara McPherson's lecture. It was really interesting to listen to her share about her artistic journey and how she put herself out there to create opportunities for herself. The one point she made that really stuck to me was "to go back to revisit old works". That made a lot of sense to me because it allows you to reflect on your progress and to figure out how to move forward.
- I bought three postcards of her works and she signed them!
- I am also Darkroom Army's latest blogger recruit! They are giving me the opportunity to play around with the Fed 5B for about a week. I am very apprehensive because this is my first fully manual rangefinder camera. It's going to be nerve-wrecking fun!

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