Monday, February 13, 2012

Inside the Sydney Opera House

We had to make a second visit to the Sydney Opera House because the first day we went, the backstage tour were all sold out for the day. We were really glad that we decided to take the time out to come back for the tour because the history and (sometimes gossipy) anecdotes that our guide told us really gave us an extra layer of appreciation for the building.

We got to tour most of the House, even going in to visit some of the theatres. Although the theatre that was used for the Sydney Theatre Company's play No Man's Land was dark that day, our guide brought us in and told us the secrets of the unique rotating stage. We also managed to get a peep at the set-up for the theatre hosting Janet Jackson's concert and watch The Australian Ballet rehearse for their opening show of the ballet season! Doesn't get any cooler than that, in my opinion.

The inside of the House is just as architecturally stunning as the outside, all that light and shadows. Such a great experience and another UNESCO World Heritage Site visit achieved!

Travel tip: Look for discounts to the tour pricing in one of the many guidebooks strewn around hostels and tourist information centres.

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