Tuesday, December 6, 2011

a day at the museum

i had a day off yesterday and decided to take a busman's holiday to visit the national museum of singapore to check out the latest blockbuster exhibition in town - dreams & reality: masterpieces of painting, drawing and photography from the musee d'orsay, paris. it was exciting to get up close & personal with paintings by master artists like monet, degas, seurat and van gogh. it was intriguing to see how paintings are displayed against coloured walls, a point of discussion that i recently noticed about museums. however, i was a little disappointed at how it was curated. the way it was laid out was certainly very thoughtful but i had hoped that it would be a little more non-traditional since the paintings are being displayed in a non-european country.

01. outside exhibition halls 1 & 2.
02. the coloured ways, yay or nay? personally i like them, but i think it could also depend on what sort of exhibition it is.
03. claude monet, regatta at argenteuil, 1874
04. one of the few photographs featured. i am utterly in love with this photograph, it's eerie, gorgeous and serene all rolled up in one shot.
05. vincent van gogh, starry night over the rhone. the older brother of the more famous the starry night, i like how luminous the painting is and that van gogh didn't just drew random stars but decided to use the constellation ursa major.
06. theo van rysselberghe, sailing boats and estuary. ever since i read a readers' digest article about georges seurat and pointilism, i have been fascinated by this art technique. it just blows my mind.

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