Saturday, October 15, 2011

encountering the la sardina, part 7 | accidental double exposures

there's a story behind this roll of film. my estate has recently become cycling-mad. you can't walk for five paces without coming across someone on a bicycle or a bicycle being chained up. the ways that the bicycles were being parked fascinated me and i wanted to devote good portion of film to exploring angles. i happily snapped around for a few days when disaster struck, the shutter was stuck! because i had about 10 frames left to shoot, i decided to rewind the film and reload it again. i wound it to about 5 frames before the frame that the shutter got stuck to experiment with some black and white double exposures and i think they turned out really cool! i should probably do this more often so that i don't get the chance to overthink making a multi-exposure.

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