Saturday, October 1, 2011

encountering the la sardina, part 5 | out of focus shots

dear saturday,

i really enjoyed spending time with you today holed up on my bed and reading susan elizabeth phillip's what i did for love. the poor book has been sitting on my bookshelve for probably more than half a year  but i think i probably saved it for so long because i knew it would be an awesome book and it needed a special day to be devote to, and that day is you, saturday.

of course, i can't let you slip by without blogging more about my encounters with the la sardina, can i? it would be sacrilege! so after looking through my two sets of photographs, i realise that i have quite a lot of shots that were out of focus because i am always forgetting to check the focus distance and adjusting the focusing ring. i get too excited to shoot something lovely, click and then cringe when i notice that the focusing distance is wrong. examining these shots again, i now think there is a certain loveliness to shots that are out of focus, there is an air of mystery and whimsy surrounding the subject. what do you think, saturday, do you agree with me that sharpness is overrated?


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