Wednesday, August 17, 2011

wednes/day of discovery

time for me to share a few of my favourite discoveries this week (and also to sneak in a few photos that are not from korea, are you sick of them yet? i promise i am almost almost done with them.)

lovely things

chevron vinyl laptop decal, it seems like half of the blog world have gone ga-ga over chevron designs and why should i be any different? i love how fresh and clean the macbook can look again with this decal. my poor macbook is kind of dirty, despite my best efforts at cleaning it. gulp. (via oh, hello friend)

a visit to the old world, honey are you sure we are not in europe because it sure seems like that to me! i never knew quebec city was so gorgeous! of course, when it's through the lens of irene suchocki, you expect nothing less.

engaging articles

so you want to be a travel writer, even though i don't really have any aspirations towards this career, this article is still a fantastic read for all types of writers. (via yes and yes)

how to know when to quit your job, this article really struck a chord with me. not that i am planning on quitting my day job just yet but it's good to know that there's still a road to walk after i do so.

why the gap year isn't only for rich kids, i plan to embark on a belated gap year when i leave the workplace so i am slowly gathering up my resources and arguments for it.

plain awesomeness

the queen of organisation, she will put everyone to shame. (via yes and yes)

the queen of scrapbooking, journaling and memory keeping, ali edwards is so inspiring and her life seems so perfect that you almost want to hate her for being so crafty, getting the most wonderful shots of her family and being so creative at design. but you can't, because she is just too awesome!

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