Sunday, August 14, 2011

historical monuments

gyeongju is one of my favourite places to visit. it's a smaller city and out in the countryside. honestly, i am not even sure if it qualifies as a city. it's quiet and seems rather shabby around the edges. however, when you get on a bike and cycle out, gyeongju is scattered with historic sites and monuments from the korean shilla dynasty. i love that we don't have to bother with buses and trains, but just simply cycle around and enjoy the simple life.

after a day's sightseeing, exploring the city centre is another surprise. from the outside, it doesn't seem like much. banks, everyday shops, convenience stores etc etc, but when you really walk in to the alleyways, a whole new world opens up! cafes and shops appear as if by magic! i wasn't expecting to buy anything in gyeongju but i ended the evening with a new bag. don't you just love surprise hauls like these?

because of the historical nature of gyeongju, i am adding in some notes to accompany the photos.

01. cheomseongdae, one of the oldest scientific installations on earth, built in the 7th century
02. seokbinggo, an ice house part of the wolseong fortress
03. emile bell in the distance, gyeongju national museum
04. detail, emile bell, gyeongju national museum
05. replica of seokgatap stone pagoda (from bulguksa)
06. detail, 10 won coin impression of dapotap
07. replica of dapotap stone pagoda (from bulguksa)
08. buddhist statue

i will probably visit gyeongju again the next time i go to korea. both times i went, both times i did not visit the exhibition halls of the gyeongju national museum to view the treasures they have excavated from the area!

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