Monday, June 13, 2011

living in bukchon-ro

bukchon is so fascinating to me. it is a traditional korean architecture enclave set in the heart of seoul. some of the houses have been converted to chic art galleries, some have been turned into private museums and some have morphed into f&b outlets. and then there are some that continue to be residential homes for seoulites. as we walked past some of the residential streets, we went past residentals going about their daily chores and children returning from school. it's amazing that so many different functions can co-exist together.

i can also finally link up this post to Much Love Monday, it's been a long time since i participated! my love list for this week includes:

  • taiwanese mochi (it's amazingly yummy)
  • & traditional milk tea to start the day

i hope your monday has been lovely so far! :)

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