Monday, June 27, 2011

hanlip toy museum

as we were walking though heyri, we came across the hanlip toy museum. the inner child in us were powerless to resist the call of the fun & memories of childhood that the museum would provide for us. (p/s: i have more pictures of the museum in a black & white roll that i have yet to develop)


in some exciting news, i will be going to bangkok, thailand tomorrow! my dad has been there a few times this year for a conference and he has been bugging for me and my brother to accompany him. we finally managed to juggle our schedules to do it this week! this is going to be our late fathers' day and early birthday treat for him, quality dad & kids time. well, as long as he and my brother don't get into an argument, they are so alike those two. so, this means more travel photos and more photo backlogs for this little blog!

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