Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[cambodia 2010] national museum of cambodia

cambodia travel diary day 4

after touring the royal palace, it was time for the national museum of korea. now i am big museum-lover so i was really looking forward to the national museum. i was thoroughly enchanted by it. firstly, the building was gorgeous. it was built by the french but in a traditional khmer style. the museum is built with an open-air concept in mind which terrifies me to no end because i kept obsessing over the fact that there seems to be no museum standard climatic controls in place to preserve the largest collection of khmer art in the world. some of the statues were in glass cabinets but most of them were left out in the open! *shudders.

still it was wonderful being able to wander around the different rooms, examining each sculpture where there wasn't a didactic sort of museum narration in place. i like that i am able to walk around and just admire each piece as it is. the museum also has a wonderful courtyard where visitors are able to bask in the sun and being surrounded by such ancient works of art.

fisheye 2, kodak color plus 200

golden half, konica minolta vx 200

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