Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[cambodia 2010] the orphanage

cambodia travel diary day 3

our third day in cambodia was spent travelling from siem reap to phnom penh in our little minibus. before we left siem reap, we stopped at an orphanage to make some food donations that we had brought with us from singapore. my mum had packed one luggage of food specially meant to be given out to the children in cambodia, especially siem reap where the kids are more needy. another party in our tour group had also packed a box of donations as well. i would really recommend that you do that if you ever visit cambodia. according to the lonely planet guidebook, it's best to refrain from giving monetary donations because the money usually goes straight back to an adult and the children does not benefit whatsoever. at least, food can be eaten and shared.

we started giving out the little packets of biscuits right off from the start at tonle sap lake but we had quite  a bit leftover so we asked our guide to stop off at an orphanage on the way out of siem reap to distribute the remaining packets. oh my gosh, the children were ever so pleased to receive a packet each. they ran around happily, shook hands and high-fived us. they were so adorable. they could also speak really good english. i love those kids.

holga 135bc, fuji sensia 200 (i left my holga on bulb mode again! booo! -_-" )

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